The following excerpts are genuine and unmodified comments from my students’ parents. 

“We are more than pleased to have Francis as our music teacher for our two daughters. Francis is a dedicated musician and like all maestros. His enthusiasm and experience is appreciated by all concerned in our family.” 

- Victor & Lina, Guildford

“I really appreciate your services. Amira has learned a lot from you. You are such a brilliant teacher. We thank you so much; have a lovely Christmas and happy New Year.”

- Omar, Wetherill Park

“I'm writing email to say thanks to you for your kind advice and help with Ngoc before. She did the Theory Exam Grade 2 as per our plan and got Distinction. Her score is 93/100. You are such a kind and dedicated teacher. And yes, you are right; the result in her first public music exam gives her a lot of confidence.”

- Hoa, Canberra

"Helen has been enjoying the piano lessons. Thank you for making her enjoy it. I didn't expect she would go this far and still enjoy it. She is growing as a learner and still keen to learn more. I am very happy with her progress and thanks to you for making that happen! I am also very impressed with how flexible you are with the lesson times. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Hebe, Guildford

"Wishing you a happy new year. Thank you for all your effort, hard work and patience." 

- June, Merrylands

“I would like to recommend Francis to anyone who is looking for a good piano teacher. When I was a kid, I learned piano but my teacher taught me in a very uninspiring way. I wanted to teach my kids but because I am their father, they don’t listen to me. I believe I need someone else to teach my kids. I am very surprised that Francis has been teaching my kids in a very interactive way. My kids are very into piano now and they are willing to practise without me having to push them. Francis has been fantastic since the first lesson. The way Francis teaches my kids is faster and better. I wish I had someone like Francis as my piano teacher when I was a kid.”
- Matthew, Westmead

Francis has been teaching my kids for more than two years. He helped my kids realise their potentials. My kids are now able to play a lot of famous pieces easily. Thanks to the teacher – Francis. Recently, my kids received music award of the year from school and we are really proud of them. Francis made the impossible become possible. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a piano teacher. 

- Rebecca, Greystanes

My family are very happy with the piano lessons offered by Mr. Francis Leung. He is a very kind teacher and works hard as always. He made learning the piano very easy for my son. My son was a complete beginner but recently got an A from his AMEB piano exam. My family are very happy about the result. He is able to demonstrate different piano repertories and play all of them musically. I would recommend Mr. Francis Leung if you are looking for a good piano teacher.

- Frank, Merrylands